Looking for a simple way to bring equity-attuned conversations about failure into your classroom?

These interventions are designed to facilitate open introductory discussion about struggle, failure, and recovery (and the ways they are framed in and beyond higher education). They are structured around five decks of PowerPoint slides that can be individually tailored to your particular discipline/course and incorporated into class discussion.

Intervention modules are as follows:

  • Learning from Failure in X (insert your course here)
  • Reflecting on Failure
  • Power and Privilege
  • Perfectionism and Procrastination
  • Failing Forward

These modules are accompanied by an Instructor Guide that helps frame the larger discussion and includes additional notes and resources.


Instructor GuideDownload (PDF)
FLIP Discussion 1 – Learning from FailureDownload (PPTX)
FLIP Discussion 2 – Reflecting on FailureDownload (PPTX)
FLIP Discussion 3 – Power and PrivilegeDownload (PPTX)
FLIP Discussion 4 – Perfectionism and ProcrastinationDownload (PPTX)
FLIP Discussion 5 – Failing ForwardDownload (PPTX)