Welcome to FLIP!

FLIP stands for “Failure: Learning in Progress.” Failure, at its core, is critical to the process of learning, yet students and instructors are not always supported in learning from failure. The idea for FLIP came from the teaching and learning context – from instructors and students that were frustrated with the usual disconnect between the experiences of learning and the assumptions of the structures and resources that shape what our education systems. As such, FLIP will always be a work in progress that will seek to simultaneously find tangible, small-scale interventions that are feasible in the classrooms, as well as considerations for larger structural change. We invite you to explore some of the resources we have developed in the Resource Hub.

Throughout the process of the FLIP project, we have been reminded again and again that it is the people that make learning meaningful. FLIP has given us meaningful connections that transcend typical hierarchical structures that have allowed us to have difficult conversations about what support actually looks like. We would love for you to be a part of this community. If you are interested in being involved, please email us at info@learningfromfailure.ca or sign up for email updates here.

Fiona Rawle & Nicole Laliberté, on behalf of the FLIP Team